Inland Haulage Service Terms & Conditions

Applicable to Exports from Mainland China

  1. The price quoted is pure trucking cost only and does not include any disbursement fee.

  2. Trucking service only applies to standard containers and is subject to weight limitations. The total weight limit of a 20'GP container (including tare weight) is 18 tons; the total weight limit of a 40'GP and 40'HQ container (including tare weight) is 22 tons.    

  3. If the above weight limit is exceeded, an overweight fee will be incurred, and the overweight fee will be quoted according to the specific conditions of the shipment.

  4. Trucking may be adjusted with market changes, especially for holidays (such as 1 May, National Day, Spring Festival, etc.), subject to further negotiations.   

  5. Please send the details of the trucking service arrangement in the standard format to our customer services two working days before loading.

  6. We can confirm and arrange the trucking service only after receiving and verifying the business information (including detailed packing address and other information), as required in clause 5e.     

  7. Moving only one 20-foot container will incur additional charges.

  8. The free waiting time for 20GP is 2 hours; the free waiting time for 40GP and 40HQ is 3 hours. If the time is exceeded, there will be an overtime fee.

  9. If the Customer or their agent arranges their own customs declarations, the Customer will be responsible for all costs incurred from the delay.

  10. If the Customer cancels any trucking services within 48 hours (or two working days) before the appointed pick-up time, a corresponding cancellation fee may apply, which will be charged according to the actual situation. If the cancellation occurs after the vehicle departs, the standard trucking cancellation fee will apply.

  11. During the epidemic, there may be other additional costs incurred. If any, we will confirm with the customers in advance for the acceptance of the following possible costs:
    1. Due to the epidemic, if shipment has to route via highway, the highway fee shall be reimbursed; if there is a sudden need to detour on the way, the detour fee will be subject to confirmation;  road closure may cause empty return or risk of misconnection to vessel at port.
    2. Other possible charges, such as PCR Test fee, epidemic prevention fee, etc, may be applicable    

  12. Additional charges will be incurred in the following situations (including but not limited to):
    1. Exceeded free waiting time.
    2. Overnight waiting fee 
    3. Laden container drop-off
    4. Double gate-in
    5. Overweight
    6. Empty return to equipment facility
    7. Change of empty pick-up facility
    8. Trucking Cancellation fee (If cancellation is applied after the container arrives at the factory, 80% of the trucking fee will be charged)

  13. The trucking service is subjected to all relevant charges for terminal operation related to the shipping company or the third-party operation fee (including but not limited to):
    1. container lift on and lift off fee                                            
    2. Empty Pre-pick-up Fee                                            
    3. container drop-off fee                                            
    4. Seal fee                                            
    5. Port security fee                                            
    6. Port congestion surcharge                                            
    7. Gate entrance fee                                            
    8. Container pick-up barcode fee    

  14. Additional fees or third-party disbursement for the trucking service may change according to the actual situation of the local market at the time of shipment.

  15. After the trucking service is completed, OOCL Logistics will send the invoice for all additional charges to the Customer and confirm the billing information.

  16. If you have any questions about our trucking services and the relevant charges/ fees, please get in touch with OOCL customer service in your area.