E-Trucking Terms & Conditions

Applicable to Thailand


1.    The rate information is given as the best reasonable estimate and is subject to change.

2.    The Booking Confirmation does not serve as a quotation and cannot be used by the Booking Party to place further bookings.

3.    Acceptance of booking requests is always subject to capacity and equipment availability at both the time of receipt by OOCL Logistics of your booking request and the date of confirmed delivery.

4.    OOCL Logistics reserves the right to decline the booking, notwithstanding any issuance of Booking Confirmation, transport documents or receipt of the Goods, if the cargo weight may exceed any regulatory or other restrictions in any applicable country location.


1.    All fees and/or charges must be paid in accordance with the due date stated in the invoice.

2.    OOCL Logistics reserves the right to seek legal action against any customer in malicious arrears on their after-sales payment or overdue payment.

3.    All sums specified on the E-Trucking platform or otherwise are exclusive of any sales taxes and/or any other taxes relating to the supply of the products or services which shall be paid by the Registered User at the applicable rate.

Trucking Service

1.    The price quoted is pure trucking cost only. It is exclusive of insurance for goods and empty containers or any additional costs such as customs clearance, multi-stops, dangerous goods, cooling chassis, HS seals, canvas placement on empty open-top containers, etc.

2.    The price quoted is only for the nearest empty container pickup/drop-off depot of the selected address and is always subject to the final acceptance of the carrier to pick up/return the empty container at the given depot.

3.    Toll and fuel charges are included in base rates. OOCL Logistics reserves the right to implement fuel floaters when the price increases significantly.

4.    Deliveries in Thailand via any port include 4 hours of free waiting time for unloading and stripping. Potential waiting times for any customs or other purposes will be deducted from the aforementioned granted waiting time. If the stipulated free time expires, an overtime fee will be incurred.

5.    Trucking service is only applicable to standard containers and is subject to weight limitations. The maximum payload for all motor transportation is 31 tons per 20'GP container and 31 tons per 40'GP/40'HQ container. The maximum payload for a live reefer is lower due to a heavier chassis. The weight limitations are for Thailand deliveries only. For other countries, lower weight limits may apply.

6.    If the above weight limit is exceeded, an overweight fee will be incurred, and the overweight fee will be quoted according to the specific conditions of the shipment.

7.    Trucking costs may be adjusted with market changes, especially for holidays (including but not limited to New Year and Christmas), subject to further negotiations.

8.    Details of the trucking service arrangement, in the standard format, should be sent to OOCL Logistics' Customer Service team at least 2 working days before loading. Loading references and necessary documentation which are needed for loading must be submitted unsolicited. Otherwise, transport cannot be guaranteed as planned, and any related costs will be charged to the customer.

9.    OOCL Logistics shall only confirm and arrange the trucking service after receiving and verifying the business information (including detailed packing address and other information) when the requirements in Clause 8 are deemed fulfilled.

10.    Any transport cancellation less than 1 working day (or 24 hours) before the agreed appointment date may result in a waste trip and other additional costs, which will be charged to the customer.

11.    The customer will be responsible for all costs incurred from the delay of customs declaration if the customer or their agent arranges their own customs clearance. The same applies to delays beyond the forwarder’s control (e.g., Acts of God or strikes).

12.    During the epidemic, there may be other additional costs incurred. If applicable, OOCL Logistics will confirm with the customer in advance for acceptance.

13.    The trucking service is subject to all relevant charges for terminal operations related to the shipping company or third-party operation fees (including but not limited to):
a.    Carrier local charges
b.    Container drop-off fee
c.    Container early pickup fee
d.    Container lift-on and lift-off fee
e.    Container pickup barcode fee
f.    Container seal fee
g.    Depot charges
h.    Port charges

14.    If there are any questions about the trucking service and the relevant charges/fees, please contact OOCL Logistics' Customer Service in your area.

Additional Surcharges

•    Additional surcharges are applicable for the below scenarios, including but not limited to:
o    Idle Time Charge: Trip rate will be doubled after idling for more than 8 hours
o    Chassis Detention: THB 2000 per night