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with Longer Rate Validity
Instant Ocean and Inland Shipping Quotes  

Quote and book ocean freight shipping with optional inland transportation with E-Quote. Search for available quotations over a period of two to four weeks – rates, surcharges, free time offerings and longer rate validity are clearly laid out, making it suitable when you wish to plan bookings ahead for a longer term.

Transparent Pricing  

Offers clear rates, surcharges, free time, longer rate validity and other offerings for every E-Quote quotation. 

Rate Sheet Update Alerts  

Get email notifications when there are rate sheets updates to the services you are interested in.

Rate Sheet Download

Generate rate sheets for all your available ocean freight services.

Dangerous Good Quotes

Get instant rate quotations for dangerous goods with full IMDG compliance. 1

Inland Transportations

Complete your international shipping journey with our optional inland transportation service. 

Booking Agent Support  

Appoint your shipping agents to find and submit bookings on your behalf without disclosing rate information.  

How to Quote
Search rates by providing the origin and destination points pairs
Select a quotation
Provide cargo information and submit your booking 
Quotations with space and equipment protection
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Total Solution Connecting Every Step of Your Shipping
Get instant quotes, book and manage bookings for your global supply chain. From ocean freight shipping, inland transportation to customs clearance service, FreightSmart offers comprehensive end-to-end solutions to your logistic needs.
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In OOCL, We Take It Personally. Whether finding quick answers, tutorials in Help Centre or our customer service embassador Fin, our customer service is always by your side. 

1 Service subject to country availablity.