FreightSmart E-Spot New Product Upload Schedule
July 21, 2023 Business Updates
  1. Asia-Europe (AET)
    Westbound: 16:00 every Thursday
    Eastbound: 15:00 every Monday

  2. Australia and New Zealand (AUT)
    Eastbound & Westbound (Trans-Tasmania): 03:00 every Monday
    Northbound (New Zealand): 03:00 every Monday
    Northbound (Australia): 05:00 every Monday
    Southbound: 05:00 every Thursday

  3. Intra Northeast Asia (INN)
    11:00 every Tuesday

  4. Inter Japan & Southeast Asia (JSE) and Inter Japan & Northeast Asia (exclude Japan) (JNE)
    14:00 every Wednesday

  5. Indian Sub-Continent (ISC)
    Westbound: 16:00 every Monday and 11:00 every Friday
    Eastbound: 16:00 every Tuesday

  6. Intra Southeast Asia (INS)
    16:00 every Thursday

  7. Inter Northeast Asia (exclude Japan) and Southeast Asia (NSE)
    Northbound: 16:00 every Thursday
    Southbound: 11:00 every Tuesday

  8. Intra-Europe (IET)
    15:00 every Monday

  9. Latin America and Africa (LAT)
    Eastbound: 14:00 every Thursday
    Southbound: 15:00 every Monday

  10. Reefer (RFT)
    09:30 every Monday and Wednesday

  11. Trans-Atlantic (TAT)
    Westbound: 15:00 every Monday

  12. Trans-Pacific (TPT)
    Eastbound: 14:00 every Friday

  • All times are Hong Kong time (UTC+8).
  • Any special product upload time schedule arrangement will be shared via account notice and email.
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