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E-Spot offers ocean freight spot rates for your international shipping needs. Obtain instant quotations with rates, surcharges, and free time offerings. You will have maximum transparency in your shipping process. 

E-Spot protects your cargo to sail assuredly with shipping space and container equipment available on your specific sailing. Once you receive your booking confirmation, your rates and surcharges are locked in, granting you an enhanced level of certainty. 

Quick Booking Confirmation

Get latest ocean freight spot rates anytime on FreightSmart with quick booking confirmation. 

Space Protection and Equipment Priority

Offers protection on shipping space and higher priority for container equipment for every E-Spot order, reducing the risk of being rolled over and better managing your supply chain timeline. 

Fixed Rates and Surcharges 

Rates and origin surcharges are locked in when your order is confirmed. Applicable surcharges are clearly stated in the quotations, leaving you no surprises on your shipping bills. 

24-Hour Cancellation

Plans change? Cancel your full order within 24 hours based on our free cancellation policy.  

End-to-End Shipping

Add inland haulage to your freight quotations to complete an end-to-end shipping journey.

Buy Extra Free Time 

Purchase free time for the origin and destination port, increasing your flexibility in picking up and arranging haulage.

How to Book
Search and find a quotation of your desired freight rate and shipping route.
Secure your freight rate and reserve shipping space by creating an order.
Submit your booking by providing all cargo and shipping details.

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Get ocean freight and inland transportation rate quotations with rate validity
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