E-Customs Solution Terms & Conditions

Applicable to Shenzhen, China

1.    Quotation on the E-Customs Solution (E-CHB) platform for customs house brokerage (CHB) business in Shenzhen is per entry and includes basic handling charge, for up to 6 commodity names. The customs declaration form can have no more than 50 commodity names. If there are more than 6 commodity names, additional costs will be applied.

2.    Mandatory documents required for providing customs services in Shenzhen:
a.    Commercial invoice(s) 
b.    Packing list(s) 
c.    Customs declaration

d.    Commercial Contract or Customs Declaration Manual (with header and body)
e.    Export customs declaration form (if applicable)

3.    Additional documents (where applicable):
a.    Bill of Lading

4.    E-CHB service requests must be made at least 2 working days before the shipment ETA/ETD. Necessary documentation must be submitted unsolicited. Otherwise, CHB service cannot be guaranteed.

5.    OOCL Logistics shall only confirm and arrange CHB service after receiving and verifying the business information of the service request and mandatory documents listed in Clause 3.

6.    OOCL Logistics reserves the right to dismiss any E-CHB service requests in the cases of (but not limited to) payment default, failed submission of mandatory documents due and refusal to provide an adequate description of goods by the customer.

7.    The customer will be responsible for all costs incurred from delays beyond OOCL Logistics’ control (e.g., Acts of God or strikes). The provided clause also applies to (but is not limited to) overdue submission of mandatory documents, overdue payment, customs holds, Port Authority holds and vessel delays.

8.    If there are any questions about the CHB service and the relevant charges/fees, please contact OOCL Logistics’ Customer Service in your area.