E-Customs Solution Terms & Conditions

Applicable to Germany

1.    Quotation on the E-CHB platform for CHB business in Germany is per document and includes basic handling charge only, up to 3 lines. After that, additional costs would be applied to extra lines. 

2.    Power of Attorney (POA) would be signed by the buyer and on Company Letter Headed paper. This grants permission for OOCL Logistics to complete customs service on behalf of the buyer and provides the required details to enable internal account creation.

3.    Only port clearance service is provided for the quoted export CHB service. OOCL Logistics Germany is not responsible for the creation of export documents or any other CHB service outside of Germany, e.g., Poland.

4.    Mandatory documents required for providing import customs services in Germany:
•    Signed and stamped POA
•    Filled out import template
•    Commercial invoice(s) with incoterms and packing list(s)
•    Description of goods in German and Classification Number/HS code
•    Bill of Lading

5.    Mandatory documents required for providing export customs services in Germany:
a.    Export declaration form
b.    Filled out export template

6.    Additional documents (where applicable)
•    Licenses

7.    Only after receiving and verifying the business information and above-listed documents can OOCL Logistics confirm and arrange the CHB service.

8.    Please make the booking request at least seven working days before the shipment ETA/ETD. Necessary documentation must be submitted unsolicited. Otherwise, the CHB service cannot be guaranteed.

9.    OOCL Logistics reserves the right to dismiss any customs clearance order for causes including but not limited to the buyer being in payment default, documents missing for due and proper customs declaration and goods being described inadequately.

10.    The customer will be responsible for all costs incurred from the delay beyond OOCL Logistics’ control (e.g., the act of God or strike); the same applies but is not limited to awaiting mandatory documents, payment, customs hold, Port Authority holds and vessel delays.

11.    For import customs clearance in Germany, the buyer’s company must be located in the European Union for OOCL Logistics to act as a direct representative for the buyer. Buyer must pay the Duty & VAT to OOCL Logistics in advance for OOCL Logistics to pay the Duty & VAT on behalf of the customer upon arrival in the country in scope to gain the release of the cargo for onward delivery. Buyer must have a valid EORI and VAT number to hold a solid audit trail with the customs authority and tax office & to be eligible to claim back the VAT paid.

12.    If you have questions about our CHB services and the relevant charges/fees, please contact OOCL Logistics customer service in your area.