FreightSmart E-Customs Solution
Streamlining Customs Clearance Process
Streamlines your paperwork for cross‑border transportation
Whether you require help understanding customs compliance requirements, tariff classifications, or cost control in the shipping procedures, our experienced customs specialists eliminate the barriers and make the process smoother and easier.

End-to-End Integration

Offering seamless integration for your OOCL supply chain solutions, providing a smooth and efficient customs compliance process.

Experienced Expertise

Our customs specialists understand local and international regulations, ensuring your cargo moves efficiently and compliantly around the clock.

Risk Management

We mitigate unpredictability, ensuring your customs processes always adhere to local regulations and securing your business from potential risks.

Booking Procedures
Select your import and export country
Fill in shipping details and upload available documents
Submit booking and we will contact you shortly
Offering innovative inland transportation solutions
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Total Solution Connecting Every Step of Your Shipping
Get instant quotes, book and manage bookings for your global supply chain. From ocean freight shipping, inland transportation to customs clearance service, FreightSmart offers comprehensive end-to-end solutions to your logistic needs.
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