FreightSmart Brings You a New Level of Intelligent Customer Service with Chatbot
May 18, 2023 Blog

Our Customers Are at the Heart of Our Business 

OOCL’s mission statement is “To be the best and most innovative international container transport and logistics service provider; providing a Vital Link to world trade and creating value for our customers, employees, shareholders and partners.” It will be noted that customers are placed first in the list of those for whom OOCL creates value. This emphasis is reinforced by “Customer Focus” being one of the company’s four core values. Applying this principle of customer-centric innovation means that when we introduce a new service or process, it must bring tangible benefits to our customers. As OOCL pursues digitalization – embracing transformative digital technologies – we do so with the primary objective of serving our customers better and more efficiently.  

FreightSmart Simplifies the Supply Chain Process for Customers 

A key outcome of this process is FreightSmart, which is designed for customer convenience and ease of use, facilitating efficient communication and giving the customer greater control over the entire shipping process. From ordering and booking through container pickup, and maritime and inland transportation, to customs declarations and clearance, the customer can complete all required tasks in the supply chain seamlessly on a single platform. 

 Introducing Chatbot – for Instant Online Assistance 

To further enhance our service to customers, we are continuously extending the capabilities of the FreightSmart platform to address emerging or changing needs, and to make the system easier to use with more transparency. Chatbot is being added to offer users an enhanced option for real-time assistance. Available around the clock and around the world, Chatbot enables customers to get an instant response to their enquiries. Whatever time zone they are in, they can enquire about their purchase without being restricted to standard business hours or having to wait on hold for a phone or email reply. No login is required, but users who choose to sign in to the FreightSmart platform can enjoy a more personalized experience, as Chatbot will already know the status of their shipment orders and bookings, enabling it to understand their needs more quickly. 

We will continuously evaluate and improve the quality of our Chatbot by analyzing the query history and retraining it with new data to improve its accuracy – and thereby to increase customer satisfaction. For more complex queries, our local shipping customer service experts – who are highly trained in local regulations in the different countries where we operate – will be available to provide support throughout the shipping process and answer customer queries. Customers can also access our team via the online enquiry form on our website. 

Total Solution Connecting Every Step of Your Shipping
Get instant quotes, book and manage bookings for your global supply chain. From ocean freight shipping, inland transportation to customs clearance service, FreightSmart offers comprehensive end-to-end solutions to your logistic needs.