Enhanced Search Experience - Searching in FreightSmart Just Got Easier!
March 15, 2024 Business Updates

FreightSmart is committed to delivering a seamless booking experience for our users. We've optimized our route planning algorithm and transportation mode selection process to ensure that we can offer customers the most optimal route options and transportation modes for their shipments.

Our latest enhancements include convenient features that empower customers to obtain direct quotes by entering the end-to-end door points of their shipments. Furthermore, These improvements guarantee that customers can easily select the most efficient and cost saving solution tailored to their specific needs.


In this article, you will discover more about our new search feature and how it can benefit you. Additionally, you can download our leaflet to gain an overview of our convenient search and quoting features in this launch.

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Major Enhancements of FreightSmart Product Search

Search Rates

 Direct Point-to-Point Search
You can obtain quotes by entering inland origin and destination door points without the need to search for base ports beforehand. This eliminates the hassle of searching for base ports and provides you with efficient and accurate quotes tailored to your requirements.


 Advanced Sort and Filter Options
Search results can be refined with advanced sorting options including departure time, arrival time, and total transit time. You can optimize the search results by using these sorting options. Additionally, you can customize their search by using filters such as transshipment ports to find the most suitable options based on your logistics needs.


Review Rate and Surcharges Details

 Accurate Inland Quote
You can obtain more accurate inland rate and surcharge quotations by providing the estimated cargo weight. This enhanced price detail visibility allows for a more precise budgeting plan.



 Fixed Freight and Surcharges
FreightSmart follows a "What You See is What You Pay" approach, where both POR (Port of Receipt) and FND (Final Destination) charges are fixed. This means that the charges upfront are the exact charges to be paid which ensures transparency in the pricing structure and easier cost management. The surcharge tables display charge details based on the information provided. This ensures better visibility and a more straightforward experience for customers.


What to Look Forward to 

The Asia-Europe Trade Westbound (AET WB) will be the first trade to be integrated into the new search, with other trades following shortly. The customers will be able to access AET WB products through the current search interface as usual. The engine will redirect you to the new interface to continue the search.

In the months ahead, our comprehensive range of FreightSmart products will soon be available on the new search interface, providing you with comprehensive access to our services. Stay tuned for upcoming announcements and updates from FreightSmart, as we continue to elevate your logistics journey.

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